Buying a girl's first bra is super exciting - your little girl is growing up! While some tweens and teens have been waiting for this day for as long as they can remember, others could have mixed emotions, including embarrassment, dread, and possibly even a little fear. As puberty hits, so do a plethora of insecurities.

We have been supporting and uplifting women for over 70 years, and to help you be a supportive parent during this milestone in your daughter's life, here's a guide on when you should buy your daughter's first bra and what style of bras we recommend.

How do I know it’s time for her first bra?

It's super important to reinforce to her that every girl and everybody is different. She might develop differently or at a different pace to others in her friend group, family or even yourself, and that's okay!

There's no specific age for a first bra. Girls can start developing breasts at any age from 8-14 - we've learnt it's the right time for a bra when she's both physically and emotionally ready. It's crucial to be open and direct about the issues of breast health and the many benefits supportive bras have on breast development and posture.

Here are several tell-tale signs to look out for to know when she's ready:

  • To put it simply, if your daughter asks about bra shopping, she is most likely emotionally prepared. This may be because her friends have started wearing bras and you must remember that fitting in socially is everything for a tween.
  • She's most likely ready to go shopping if she's started developing breast buds. This moment is essentially the first sign of breast tissue under the nipples.
  • Your daughter may need extra support daily or during physical activities.
  • Her breasts could start to feel uncomfortable. Developing breasts can feel tender and sore, so a well-fitted bra may help to reduce this discomfort.
  • If in doubt, it could be best to ask your daughter if she's ready – this may help her feel comfortable and in control. We've all been through puberty, and we all remember how transformative it is to feel prepared for a rapidly changing body.

What style of bra should I purchase?

Promote a positive and healthy environment for your daughter to learn about her growing and changing body. Raise awareness around the differences in a woman's breasts, whether in shapes or sizes, and help her understand which bra style best complements her breast shape. The most common first bra styles are soft cups, crop tops and bralettes – let your daughter experiment and try on a few different styles so she can decide the most comfortable one for her.

First Step

Know what you are looking for – are you looking for something your tween can wear every day, during exercise/sports, or maybe a special occasion?

Second Step

Have your daughter professionally fitted. Our trained experts are used to having these conversations, ensuring your daughter is comfortable, confident, and fully supported.

Third Step

Invest in a bra that fits your daughter correctly, regardless of her age. This will help your daughter on the right path to knowing what a good fitting bra feels like for life.

What’s the best Bendon Lingerie brand for her? 

Our Lovable range is the perfect place to start. This range starts at size 8 in a AA cup, making it an excellent brand for those who are petite or buying their first bra. It covers comfortable basics and includes a wide range of soft cup and bralette styles which are great first bra styles. In addition, lovable features vibrant colours and youthful designs, so your daughter can start discovering a new channel of self-expression.

Here are a few styles we recommend as trusted first bras: 

  • Lovable’s Soft Cup Bra has an extended size range from AA-G cup and 8-14 backs. This bra offers light support with a smoothing shape and has no underwire, making it the perfect t-shirt bra to wear under school uniforms, and it won't dig into your daughter's rib cage for all-day comfort.
  • by bendon Ultimate Stretch Crop Top Bra is the ultimate comfort style and should be worn as soon as the nipples start to protrude or an option to wear during physical exercise. Available in S/M and M/L.
  • by Bendon Captivate Me Soft Cup Bra is a flexible fit with adjustable straps offering natural support, and the lace details add a touch of femininity. Available in S to L.

Our fit experts within our stores may recommend other styles depending on your daughter’s breast shape and development. This could include Contour, Balconette, Underwire, and much more. Find your nearest store to visit one of our fit experts.