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Ultimate Guide To Wirefree Bras

There’s nothing quite like getting home and taking your bra off at the end of the day. But, what if we told you that there’s no reason to live out those highs and lows anymore? The solution you’re looking for is in wire-free bras. Wire free bras (or wireless bras) are trending, and it’s not hard to see why. They are soft cup solutions that offer the ultimate in comfort. 

Discover everything you need to know about wire-free bras in this handy guide, including the features of wire-free bras, types of wireless styles and commonly asked questions about wire free bras and bralettes.  We hope we can introduce you to another wonderful invention that helps you feel more confident and comfortable for life.

What is a Wire Free Bra?

A wire free bra is a style of bra that offers support without the aid of an underwire - the c-shaped wire under the bra cup. There are many aliases for wire free bras such as wireless, seamless or soft cup bras, but their purpose remains consistent - a super soft, weightless support system for your breasts. Instead of relying on an underwire for support and shaping, the innovative designs use fabric and technology, like moulded cups and knitted-in rib constructions, to provide support. This type of bra is the perfect solution for women that want to ditch underwire once and for all!

Why wear a Wire Free Bra?

There are lots of reasons women choose to go without wires when it comes to their bras. 

  • Wire free Bras are versatile 

Wire free bras are by far the most versatile bra type in our humble opinion. They come in just about every bra type under the sun sans wire whether it is lace, t-shirt, plunge or nursing bra, with multi-way straps, even for those with a fuller bust, there are endless options for you to choose to your heart’s (or outfit’s) desire. 

  • Wire free bras are easy to care for

The supportive yet breathable cups make wire free bras perfect for wearing all year round. They’re also easy to care for with nothing that can bend out of shape - perfect for those whose lingerie drawer lacks order!

  • Wire free bras are super comfortable 

Some customers have told us that they prefer wire-free bras for the non-pinching bands and dig-free straps although we’d say a well-fitting wired bra can be just as good if fitted correctly. Wireless bras are often thought of as better for circulation, making them a comfortable choice for everyday wear. And because of their high level of comfort, they are the first choice for maximum chill home lounging or sleeping.

Another popular reason for choosing wire-free bras is for ease of movement and flexibility during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Most nursing bras are wireless bras as the soft construction is accommodating on a woman’s changing breast size and gentle on tender nipples and breasts.

Every woman should give the wire-free bra a chance because they are like comfy track pants for your breasts.

Types of Wire-Free Bras and Solutions

The Bralette

Bralettes have become a lingerie fashion hybrid piece. Whether you want to style your bralette with a white shirt or you prefer to keep it hidden, this super chic style has become one of the most popular styles around. Bralettes are commonly made of lace or plain stretch fabrics and come in a variety of patterns and vibrant colours, making them the perfect summer styling staple. 

This type of bra suits women with small and athletic breast shapes, especially girls with developing breasts, and can be quite the fashion statement for women with larger breasts looking to flaunt their natural curves. 


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 Crop Top Bra

Out of the many positives that came out of a worldwide lockdown (yes we are optimists!), is our collective appreciation for comfort that is transferable in many settings.

The crop top bra is an absolute must-have for those who like to seamlessly glide through their day. From lounging to light exercises like yoga and pilates to relaxing in front of the TV, crop top bras are a great choice. The increased coverage means that you can wear it around the home or outside without looking like you forgot to put a top on - if you have flatmates, or need to pop out to the shops quickly, this style will be your new best friend.


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The Padded Wireless Bra 

A padded wireless bra is perfect for those who prefer light padding and a little more shaping and coverage.

This style often features triangle-shaped cups to allow for complete support whilst also being versatile for low neckline tops and dresses.

The light padding also makes this type of wire-free bra the perfect alternative to t-shirt bras.


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The Seamless Wireless Bra

Like other seamless products in the market, the most distinctive feature of a seamless wireless bra is being invisible.

The seamless wireless bra will give you smooth lines under slim-fitting or tight clothing. The built-in elasticity in the fabric dramatically increases all-day comfort as the hold of the band is spread out evenly around your body, unlike bras with a visible elastic that might cause irritation especially for those who have sensitive skin.


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Who can wear a Wire-Free Bra?

Good news ladies, anyone can wear a wire-free bra! Wire-free bras can be worn by women of every shape and size. 

Granted, this type of bra is a favoured choice for those in the itty-bitty titty committee where gaping cups and bone-digging wires are a prevalent problem. However, for women with fuller breasts, we also have some great styles that are designed for optimal support. Like our Fayreform Ultimate Comfort Front Closure Soft Cup Bra that has been a customer favourite for as long as we can remember. Don’t just take our word for it though, just read the many 5-star reviews and see for yourself!

Are wireless bras better than wired bars?

To wear wire or not to wear wire? That is a question we also ask ourselves often. It really comes down to personal preference. There are many benefits on both sides (as we have highlighted), so the only way to know is to try it for yourself.

Wired bras provide more structure. If that’s the silhouette you are looking for, especially for those dress-up occasions, then the choice is clear. 

There are definitely common misconceptions around wire free bras which we hope this blog has demystified for you. As for the rumours around wearing underwired bras or wearing bras at night can cause breast cancer, there’s no scientific evidence to back up these claims. 

At the end of the day, every woman just wants a bra that they can put on and forget, and for it to do all the things without us having to give it a second thought, right?

Choosing the best Underwire Bra for you

If you haven’t given our online fit quiz a go yet, you should definitely start there. The quiz is designed to help you figure out what’s working or not working in your current collection, your preferences and recommend options at the end that make all your wishes come true. 

You should choose a bra style based on what you want from your bra, maybe even an occasion you’re specifically shopping for. For example, if you’re looking for something stylish and comfortable, you’ll love a bralette. On the other hand, if you’re looking to increase your cup size and create more cleavage, you might prefer a padded style.

As mentioned above, wire-free bras are better for pre and post-pregnancy (especially if you’re carrying high), and we have many maternity styles for you to choose from - even one made from recycled materials


Shop Wire Free Bras and Solutions at Bendon

If you’re still unsure, reach out to us on live chat and speak to our team of experts. For wireless bras that provide support and a great fit, check out our wireless collection.

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