Bra Fitting 101

Centre Panel

Your bra’s centre panel (gore) is a piece of material between the cups. It helps determine the shape and placement of your breasts, and is influenced by the type of bra you're wearing.

For example the centre panel is lower on a plunge bra, as the cups are angled to push your breasts together. On a balconnet bra, the centre panel is higher than a plunge, which helps separate your breasts, while the cups lift your bust from the bottom up.

How your centre panel should fit

The centre panel should lie flat against your ribcage however, there are 3 exceptions to this rule

  1. Augmented breasts are much firmer, and it is harder for a bra to bend on the body, so a perfect fit may not always be possible.
  2. Soft Cup and Wire free bras have less cup definition than underwire bras, and often less structure. As a result the centre panel won’t always rest firmly against your ribcage.
  3. A concave ribcage prevents your bra’s underwire from conforming to the curvature of your ribcage. This can often be minimised by going up a cup size. As your ribcage has a wider surface area, having wider wires (essentially what a cup size is) means your centre panel can compensate for a concave ribcage.

In all other instances if your bra “lifts off” your body it means the bra is being pushed away because the cups are not containing your breasts. We recommend going up a cup size.