Bra Fitting 101

Cups and Wire

The cups and wire create the secondary support area for your bra, after the underbust. They should encompass your breasts, giving you the desired shape, ideal projection and lift, or volume.

Determine your cup size

Your cup size accounts for the volume of your bust and the width of your breast tissue. Every woman has one breast that is slightly larger than the other. You should always fit for the larger breast once you determine your cup size below.

When determining your cup size, first make sure your entire breast tissue is in front of the wire. This can be done in two ways; either standing, or leaning forward:

  1. Standing: With your right hand, hold your bra’s side wing (under your right armpit) and gently pull it away from your body. Now, put your left hand inside your right bra cup and adjust your breast toward your bra’s centre panel. Release the side wing when done and repeat the process for your left breast.
  2. Leaning forward: Bend forward at your waist, keeping your bust parallel to the floor. Now, reach into your bra and gently position your breasts into each cup.

If your breasts are slightly bulging over the cups, go up a cup size. However, if they are spilling out the top of their cups go up 2 cup sizes up and repeat the process.

If you tighten the strap a little more on your smaller breast it will ensure that the cup gives you a streamlined appearance under your clothes.