Bra Fitting 101


Straps are the third and final support for your bust, and are especially useful if you’re between sizes (tighten your straps if your cups are gaping, and loosen them for cups that bulge).

Please note, the straps cannot completely correct or compensate for a bra that does not fit where the underwire is concerned.

How your straps should fit

Each strap should rest on top of your shoulder without digging in- the weight of your breast should be on your bra’s underbust, NOT your straps. If you notice the strain is on your shoulders your bra’s underbust is not doing its job!

Test your straps

You should only be able to fit no more than 3 fingers between the shoulder straps and your body. If you can pull the shoulder straps further away from your body, make your straps firmer. This should change how your cups fit as you may bulge at the top of your cup.

If you’ve gone up a cup size and find the cup is gaping, make your straps firmer to bring the top of the cup closer to your chest. Similarly, if your straps are too tight, it will strain your bra’s underbust, causing it to ride up and cause you discomfort. A firm underbust for your bra will ensure this does not happen.