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Bra Fitting 101

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? A great fitting bra does a number of things! It’s more comfortable, it makes your clothes look more flattering, improves your posture, and it can give you more confidence in how you look and feel.

Getting fitted in-store doesn't have to be scary, our bra fit experts are super friendly and knowledgeable and want to make the experience as stress-free as possible for you.

Why it's important to get professionally fitted for a bra

We are all different shapes

And this particularly applies to our breasts. Your breasts may not even be exactly the same size. 

There's a lot of room for differences

Bras are quite complex garments, ours are often made up of minimum of 26 parts, so there is a lot of room for differences to exist.

It can be tricky finding a brand and style you like

You might find a brand you love, but each brand has different bra styles that are suited to different shapes of breasts

How Bendon Fit Experts can help

At Bendon we are fit experts, we invest in our people and our training and we are constantly looking for new innovations and technology to make our bras even more comfortable.

Because breasts and bras are so different, having a trained professional help you to find the right bra can take away some of the guesswork when it comes to bra shopping. You can be open with us about what you like and don't like, and our team can help you find a bra that fits you beautifully, so you feel even more confident as you step into your day.

Most women assume they're wearing the right size bra, but more often than not, we find they are not wearing the right size. Our trained professionals encounter this every single day, and it often takes more than just a measuring tape to work out your size.

Plus life is too short for bad fitting bras. A professional can help you get it right in less than 3 minutes!

Signs of an ill-fitting bra

Underwire feels uncomfortable 

Straps feel too tight, or too loose 

Bulging over the cups 

Bra strap rides up at the back 

Centre front is too loose or digs in 

A professional bra fitting with Bendon means saying bye-bye to bad-fitting bras.  

Benefits of a well-fitting bra

A well-fitting bra should mean you barely feel like you are wearing it. Your straps shouldn’t dig in and the band should fit comfortably around your body giving you the support you need. Your bra cups shouldn't gape, and your breasts shouldn't spill out but be supported and uplifted.  

A bra fitting at Bendon can take care of these fit issues. The benefits will be obvious! You will feel like your clothes fit better and sit smoothly over your bra. Plus, you won’t have to deal with tugging at straps or pulling up your bra through the day. Not only can you feel and look better, but a well-fitting bra is better for your body, as you will have improved posture and support where you need it most. 

Where to get fitted for a bra?

You can get fitted at any one of our Bendon stores or outlets. Use our handy store finder to find the nearest location to you.

Bra fittings at Bendon are FREE and there’s no need to make an appointment, our trained fit experts are available to help you at any time.

You can get fitted solo or get fitted with a friend! 

What happens at your bra fitting?

The whole process takes less than 3 minutes! 

Our goal is to have you leave the store feeling more confident and more comfortable than you have in a long time. You will also have a better idea of what your true bra size is and what styles are most flattering so future bra shopping will be a breeze.  

  • We'll measure you (over your clothes) with a tape measure.
  • We’ll talk with you about what you like and are looking for in a bra, be it colour, fabric or occasion.
  • Once you’re in your fave, we’ll check your fit and make any adjustments to ensure your fit is perfect. You are welcome to bring different outfits to your fitting if you’re looking for a bra to wear for an occasion or want something that will work for multiple looks.

Contactless bra fittings

The 5 key things we'll check at your bra fitting

Once in the fitting room, we will measure you over your clothing. We measure over the breast (with your existing bra and top on). We also measure under the breast, pulling the tape measure very tight, as this mimics the band that goes around the body. This should be firm, as the back band is one of the main areas that make a well-fitting bra.

Once measured and in your try-on bra, there are 5 key things we will check:  

  • That the back band is straight and firm against your body.
  • That the center panel sits flat against your body.
  • That your bra cups don’t gape, or your breasts aren’t spilling out.
  • That the wire position is not touching your breast tissue.
  • That the bra straps are firm and can fit two fingers comfortably underneath.
  • How you know it's time for a bra fitting

    There are some telltale signs that it might be time for a bra fitting.

    • Your bra is uncomfortable, loose, or not feeling like its supporting you anymore
    • You’ve never been fitted before
  • You’ve changed your clothing size
  • You’re pregnant, or have recently had a baby
  • Your body has gone through some other sort of life changes.
  • It’s a good idea to get fitted every time you buy a new bra, to ensure your new bra fits perfectly.  

    We understand that may not always be possible, so a fitting every 12 months is a good habit to get into. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you measure yourself at home?

    First measure your underbust
    Measure around the body, directly below the bust. Below measurements are in centimetres.

    Secondly measure your overbust:
    Measure across the fullest part of the breast. Below measurements are in centimetres.

    Then use our handy size chart to work out your bra size 

    We do however highly recommend you come into a store and get fitted professionally.  Even we find it can be tricky to get the correct measurements yourself. Once you have been fitted in store and have your measurements, it’s a lot easier to shop online 

    Once you have your measurements, you can use our sizing chart to work out your size. It is still advisable to go in for a fitting if you haven’t had one in the last year, as the fit specialist will check things like making sure no part of the bra is digging into your breast tissue, your straps are fitting well, and your breast is fitting snuggly into your cups.  Additionally, whilst you may be one size in one brand you may not always be the same size in the same brand, as this comes down to the cup style eg full coverage vs balconette. 

    Is bra fitting awkward?

    Our bra fit experts see all different shapes and sizes all day every day, and they will aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Fittings take place in our changing rooms which are discreet and private. For the initial part of the fitting, you can remain fully clothed, and when our team are checking your bra fit you will be in your bra so you’re never fully in the nude. 

    Do you have to take your clothes off for a bra fitting?

    No, you can leave your clothes on to be measured.  Once you have your new bra on, our fit experts can pop back in to check your fit. It takes less than 3 minutes, so less time than it takes to get your morning coffee! 

    How long does a bra fitting take?

    It takes less than 3 minutes, so less time than it takes to get your morning coffee! 

    How often should we be measured?

    Ideally every time you shop for a new bra or new bra style, but if not, at least every 12 months or if your body has changed size. 

    Which bra is the best for my shape?

    At Bendon we love all sizes and shapes! Check out our handy guide on choosing the right bra for your breast shapes.

    Tips for before your bra fitting:

  • Think about what sort of colour and styles you like
  • Be open-minded to trying new things.
  • Think about what your bra collection is missing.
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