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Wearing the right bra is not just about looks; it's essential to keep your breasts healthy, feel comfortable, and give the support you need. Sometimes, though, we need to remember about getting a proper bra fitting.  

In this guide, we'll talk about why getting professionally fitted is crucial and share five simple reminders. Stick around for insights beyond just looking good – we're talking about feeling great, too. 

But first, what are the benefits of getting professionally fitted?

Before we dive into the ins and outs of when to schedule that all-important bra fitting, let's pause for a moment. Why should you bother with a professional fitting in the first place? In this section, we'll uncover the key advantages, giving you a sneak peek into the benefits of finding the perfect fit for your bra.

You’ll know your proper bra size

Finding your actual bra size is like finding the perfect puzzle piece for your comfort. It's not just about the numbers; it's about getting a bra that fits your unique shape.  

Knowing your proper size means saying goodbye to uncomfortable bras and hello to a wardrobe that feels as good as it looks. It's all about ensuring your bras are comfy, boosting your confidence, and making you feel your best. 

You’ll be so much more comfortable

Picture this: no more straps digging in, no underwires causing discomfort. That's the comfort you get when your bra fits just right. When you're more comfortable, it's not just about what you wear; it's about how you feel.  

A well-fitted bra means no more fidgeting or adjusting throughout the day. It's like upgrading to a comfort level that lets you forget you're even wearing a bra – the ease and confidence that comes with finding the perfect fit. 

Enhanced support

Think of a bra like a supportive friend; it's got your back (or, in this case, your front). Enhanced support is not just about preventing sagging; it's about maintaining the natural shape of your breasts.  

A well-supported bust means improved posture, reduced back strain, and enhanced comfort. When your bra offers the right lift and structure, you're not just getting support – you're investing in the well-being of your breasts.  

It's the difference between just wearing a bra and wearing one that's got your back – literally. 

Better posture

Have you ever noticed how a confident stance can change your silhouette? Well, better posture starts with the right bra. A well-fitted bra does more than just support your bust; it aligns your shoulders and spine, reducing strain on your back. It's like a subtle reminder to stand tall and proud.  

 So, when you're rocking a bra that encourages good posture, you're not just looking great – you're feeling great, too. The minor adjustment greatly affects how you carry yourself every day. 

Increased confidence

Have you ever felt super sure of yourself? That's what a comfy, well-fitted bra can do. When your bra feels just right, you walk taller, stand straighter, and feel fabulous. It's like a little secret confidence boost that stays with you all day. 

It’ll save you money in the long run

Let's talk about saving some cash! Investing in professionally fitted bras might seem like a little splurge, but it's a smart move for your wallet in the long run. Ill-fitting bras wear out faster, leading to more frequent replacements. But when you get the right size, your bras last longer.  

Plus, it helps prevent potential health issues that could cost you more. So, think of it as a small investment now that pays off in comfort, durability, and keeping more money in your pocket later. Smart, right? 

When should you go for a bra fitting?

When is the right time to get that bra fitting? We've got you covered! This part is all about figuring out when it's best to schedule your fitting. Whether you're new to this or a pro, understanding the moments when your body might need extra attention makes a real difference.

1. If you’ve never been professionally fitted before

If the idea of a professional bra fitting is new to you, it's wise to give it a go. Scheduling your first fitting helps determine your accurate bra size from the start. This ensures you kick off your bra-wearing journey with the right size, laying the foundation for comfort and support. It's like starting with a clean slate and getting the perfect fit from the beginning 

2. When your body changes

Bodies are like superheroes – constantly evolving! Whether it's a shift in weight, the magic of pregnancy, breastfeeding adventures, hormonal twists, or the graceful dance of ageing, these changes can impact your breast size and shape.  

If you've experienced any of these superhero transformations, it's time for a bra fitting. This ensures your bras are still up for the job or helps you find the right size for your marvellous, ever-changing self. Because when your body changes, your bras should follow suit. 

3. When you switch brands or styles

Ever tried on jeans from different brands and wondered why they fit so differently? Bras are a bit like that, too! Even if they shout the same size, different brands and styles can have their unique fit.  

So, if you're switching things up and trying a new brand or style, it's a good call to get a bra fitting. This ensures your new bras look great and provide the right support – because when it comes to bras, one size doesn't fit all. 

4. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding 

Growing a tiny human is no small feat, and it does wonders to your body, especially your breasts. During pregnancy, they might play with the size settings, and breastfeeding might bring in another change after childbirth.  

That's why embracing bra fittings during and after these superhero moments is crucial. A well-fitted bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding ensures you get the support and comfort needed for these incredible stages. 

5. When it’s been over a year since your last fitting

Time flies, and so do changes in your body! It's smart to make checking your bra size a yearly ritual. Like getting a health check, a bra fitting at least once a year ensures you're still rocking the correct size.  

This way, you can make sure your bras are delivering the maximum comfort and support, adjusting to the natural changes that happen over time. Keeping up with your perfect fit is a little self-care that goes a long way 

What else impacts breast size?

Now that we've discussed when to get a bra fitting, let's explore more. What else affects the size of your breasts? In this part, we'll uncover some things that can influence how your bust looks and feels.

Breast shape

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and that's something to celebrate! Different breast shapes might need different bras – it's like finding the perfect match. For instance, if your breasts are wide-set, with a bit of space in between, the style of bra that suits you might be different.  

Before your bra fitting, take a moment to think about your breast shape. Our fit experts are here to help match you with the best style that suits your individual needs. Because, just like you, your breasts are one of a kind. 


As time passes, our bodies change, and breasts are no exception. With age, the skin loses some elasticity, and breasts might shift shape or lose a bit of volume. It's all part of the natural journey. But fear not!  

The right bra style and size can work wonders. It's like having a little magic in your wardrobe – ensuring you continue to look and feel your absolute best, no matter the journey through the years, because every stage of life deserves a touch of confidence and comfort. 

Exercise and muscle mass

Guess what? The muscles beneath your breasts, like the pectoral muscles, play a role in how your bust looks and feels. It's like having a workout buddy for your chest! Regular exercise and strength training can tone these muscles, supporting your breasts and potentially enhancing their appearance.  

So, that workout routine isn't just good for your overall health – it's a little boost for your bust, too! Keep moving, and let those muscles do their magic. 

What to expect at a bra fitting?

Getting a bra fitting is super easy. Our friendly Fit Experts will measure your bra size over your clothes in a few quick minutes. Then, you chat with a bra expert about the styles you like. They pick out some options for you to try, ensure they fit well, and make any adjustments if needed. Finally, you leave with a comfy, supportive new bra (or maybe two!) perfect for you. It's that simple.

What to do if you need to be professionally fitted

When finding the right fit, professional help can make all the difference. If you're wondering about the steps to take when you're ready to be professionally fitted, this section covers you. 

Visit your local Bendon store 

If you want expert help finding the right fit, just pop into your local Bendon store. Our team is there to guide you and make sure you get the perfect fit. Finding the store nearby is easy – check our online store locator. It's a simple way to connect with our experts and ensure you have the support and comfort you deserve during your bra fitting. 

Measure yourself at home

We get it – not everyone has a Bendon store nearby. No worries if you're due for a fitting, but can't swing by! You can measure yourself at home. Dive into our bra fitting 101 guide to get the lowdown on how to do it. We've made finding your fit easy, even if you're miles away from a Bendon store. 

Are you ready to get professionally fitted?

Ready to feel super comfy and confident in a perfectly fitted bra? This guide spilt the beans on all the perks, from finding your true size to getting extra comfort, better posture, and more confidence. The process is simple whether you visit a Bendon store or measure yourself at home. 

Take that vital step—visit a Bendon store or try home fitting with our guide today. 





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