If you're looking for support, comfort, and confidence, a full-coverage bra might be what you need. Let’s take a deep dive into our collection of full-coverage bras, giving you with all the info you need to make the best choice.

What exactly is a full-coverage bra?

Imagine a full-coverage bra as the ultimate support system for your breasts – like a reliable sidekick that's got your back. These bras have cups that wrap around your whole breast, comfy wide straps, and bonus support features like underwires and strong side panels. They're like a security blanket, making sure you stay snug, avoid any unexpected appearances, and get that extra lift in a comfy way. Ideal for gals who want a cosy fit and complete coverage.

Who should wear a full-coverage bra?

Full-coverage bras are great for lots of gals, especially those with fuller busts or anyone on the lookout for top-notch support. They give fantastic support and keep bouncing to a minimum, making them perfect for those with bigger bust sizes. Plus, if you're after comfy and secure support that lasts all day, a full-coverage bra has got your back – literally! These bras are like chameleons, adapting to different body types and support preferences.

When should you wear a full-coverage bra?

Full-coverage bras are like wardrobe superheroes – ready for action in all sorts of situations. Whether it's a regular day or a special event, these bras have your back, giving you the support and comfort to power through the day. They're perfect for everyday wear, ensuring you feel fantastic even during those long hours. Need to look seamless and polished for a special occasion? Full-coverage bras are your go-to for that smooth, no-fuss look under any outfit. Plus, if you're living an active lifestyle, these bras are the MVPs, providing top-notch support and keeping everything in check during workouts or any physical activities.

What are the benefits of wearing a full-coverage bra?

Picking a full-coverage bra brings a bunch of perks your way! First up, they've got your back with outstanding support that eases the strain on your back and shoulders. Thanks to wider straps and reinforced side panels, the weight of your breasts gets a comfy and even distribution, making everything feel better. 

No spills or bulges here – full-coverage bras ensure complete coverage, giving you a sleek and smooth silhouette. And that's not all! They're like your personal sculptor, shaping and lifting to enhance your natural curves, giving your confidence an extra boost.

How to find the perfect fit for a full-coverage bra?

Snagging the ideal fit for your full-coverage bra is key to unlocking top-notch support, comfort, and confidence. Let's walk you through the steps in this section to make sure you find a full-coverage bra that fits like a charm. Stick with these pro tips and tricks to guarantee your full-coverage bra delivers the perfect blend of support and comfort, tailored to your unique shape.

Get professionally fitted

For a spot-on fit, visit your nearby Bendon store and let the experts do their thing. A professional fitting is key for nailing accurate measurements, receiving personalised recommendations, and scoring enhanced comfort and support. It's your ticket to feeling comfy, confident, and downright happy with your full-coverage bra pick.

If you prefer the DIY route, measuring at home works too. Wrap a soft measuring tape snugly around your underbust to find your band size. Then, measure the fullest part of your breasts for the bust size. Use these measurements to unveil your perfect band and cup size match. Easy peasy.

Consider your breast shape

Knowing your breast shape is a game-changer when picking the ideal full-coverage bra. While these bras generally rock for all shapes, understanding your own can help you choose a style that brings the A-game in support and coverage. The aim? Find a full-coverage bra that cosily hugs your breasts, shapes them nicely, and gives you the support you crave. For extra guidance on snagging the right bra styles based on your unique breast shape, dive into our handy guide.

Try different styles

When it comes to full-coverage bras, there's a whole bunch of styles out there, each with its own cool features. Brands might have a bit of a twist in sizing and fit, so why not try on a few? Have fun testing out various styles like balconettes, moulded cups, or unlined options. Who knows? You might stumble upon the one that feels just right for you. So go ahead, try them on, and enjoy the journey of finding your perfect match.

Pay attention to the band and straps

When it comes to full-coverage bras, the band and straps are essential for support and comfort. Paying attention to these parts ensures your bra fits well and keeps you comfy without any weird feelings. Here's what you need to think about:

Band fit

The band of your full-coverage bra should hug your torso snugly, offering support without being too tight. It should sit parallel to the floor and stay put all day long. Ensure the band isn't digging into your skin, leaving red marks, or riding up your back. If needed, tweak the band size to find that perfect balance between comfort and support.

Strap adjustment

Make sure the straps on your full-coverage bra are adjustable to tailor the fit and support to your liking. Straps that are too tight might dig into your shoulders, leading to discomfort or marks on your skin. On the flip side, if the straps are too loose, they might slip off or not give enough support. Find that sweet spot by adjusting the straps, so they rest comfortably on your shoulders, providing a secure fit without feeling overly tight.

Assess the cup coverage

A key thing to check in a full-coverage bra is that the cups cover your breasts nicely, keeping everything in place without any spillage or bulging. Here's what to pay attention to:

No spillage or bulges

In a full-coverage bra, the cups should keep your breasts in check – no spillage over the top, sides, or underarms. Make sure your breasts are fully inside the cups, avoiding any bulging or peek-a-boo moments outside the bra. This ensures your silhouette stays smooth and seamless under your clothes.

Flat and wrinkle-free cups

For the cups of your full-coverage bra, aim for a flat and wrinkle-free look against your chest. If you notice any gaps or wrinkles, it could mean the bra is too big or too small, messing with the fit and support. Make sure the cups hug your breasts smoothly, matching their shape for a secure and comfy fit.

Full coverage bras available at Bendon

At Bendon, we know how crucial it is to find a great full-coverage bra that gives you support, comfort, and style. Check out some of our top choices that suit different needs and tastes:

Bendon Comfit Collection Contour Full Coverage Bra

The Bendon Comfit Collection Contour Full Coverage Bra is a must for your lingerie lineup. It's all about comfort and support, rocking an underwire design for gentle shaping. The wide straps give fantastic support without digging into your shoulders. Plus, its seamless and smooth finish makes it perfect for everyday wear under any outfit.


Me. by bendon Simply Me Full Coverage Contour Bra

The Simply Me Full Coverage Contour Bra from our Me.bybendon collection is all about style, comfort, and support. It has cups that shape nicely and cover everything. The soft fabric keeps you comfy all day, and the wide adjustable straps give the support you need. With its elegant design, this bra is perfect for feeling confident and sexy in your lingerie.

Bendon Rita Full Coverage Contour Bra

The Rita Full Coverage Contour Bra is a comfy and supportive pick for your everyday needs. Its seamless design and smooth finish give full coverage, ensuring a seamless look under any outfit. The wide adjustable straps and lightweight underwire offer excellent support and lift. Whether you're out and about or in a meeting, the Rita Bra has got you covered.

Ready to shop for full-coverage bras?

Now that you know all about full-coverage bras and their perks, it's time to find the one that suits you best. Check out the full range of full-coverage bras at Bendon. If you want a bra that's comfy, supportive, and stylish, we've got what you need! Don't compromise on your lingerie – Shop full-coverage bras at Bendon today



Rita Full Coverage Contour Bra



Geometric Lace Full Coverage Contour Bra

$35.97 $59.95


Geometric Lace Full Coverage Contour Bra

$35.97 $59.95


Rita Full Coverage Contour Bra



Rita Full Coverage Contour Bra



Embrace Full Coverage Contour Bra



Embrace Full Coverage Contour Bra



Simply Me Full Coverage Contour Bra

$35.97 $59.95


Simply Me Full Coverage Contour Bra

$35.97 $59.95


COMfit Collection Contour Full Coverage Bra



COMfit Collection Contour Full Coverage Bra



COMfit Collection Contour Full Coverage Bra