Underwire Bras vs. Wire Free Bras - Which is right for you?



Finding the perfect bra for you is personal, and sometimes it comes down to the wire—literally. Both underwire and wire-free bras come with their own set of benefits, and neither style is better than the other. It ultimately all comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in a bra. To help you find your new favourite bra,  we’re comparing both underwired and wireless bras so you can find the one that ticks
all your boxes.

But first, what is an underwire bra?

As the name suggests, an underwire bra (or wired bra) features a wire located under the bust line, beneath the cup of the breast. You don’t usually feel the metal or plastic wire directly, as it is tucked away beneath the fabric. Underwire is there to provide a defined shape and additional support. You can find underwire bras in a range of different styles, including our contour and t-shirt bras and our full-coverage bras.

What is a wire-free bra?

A wire-free bra is a style that’s free from any wire. While underwire bras get much of their support from the wire, wire-free bras add support from the fabric and construction. You might also see wire-free styles listed as wireless, seamless or soft cup bras. Though the names may vary, their design and purpose are roughly the same—to give your breasts a comfortable shape and support without the need for an underwire.

Is it better to wear underwire bras or wire-free bras?

To wire or not to wire, that is the question. At the end of the day, there is no one bra style that’s better than the other. It all comes down to personal preference. Every woman is different, so one bra might work well for one person
might not work for another. It’s all about choosing the right bra for your size and breast shape, whether that’s wired or not.

What are the benefits of wearing an underwire bra?

An underwire helps to separate the breasts and create a nice, rounded shape. Thus,
wearing an underwire bra helps provide some va-va-voom in terms of extra support, lift, and body. Women with larger breasts or bell-shaped breasts might
prefer underwire bras for this very reason. Underwire bras can help give the appearance of symmetrical breasts, which is great for women who are looking to enhance their breast shape. Thanks to the additional support, you may experience less back pain as you go about your day – which is always a happy
bonus. If your bra goals include lift and support, an underwire bra might best for you.

What are the benefits of wearing a wire-free bra?

While underwire bras have their benefits, there are times when you want something a
little comfier. For these times, a wire-free bra is there to offer maximum comfort with slight support. This bra style is popular amongst women with
smaller boobs or athletic breast shapes, as they don’t require as much support as those with larger breasts. Most wireless bra styles are comfortable enough
to sleep or lounge in, but they can also be worn as an everyday bra that embraces your natural breast shape.

With underwire bras, you may be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of the wire
poking through and digging into your skin over time—you’ll never get this with a wire-free bra! This is a game-changer for anyone with sensitive skin or if you’ve been known to have allergic reactions to bra wires in the past. Bonus: They’re also extremely easy to look after, as there is no risk of any wire bending out of shape. 

There are countless comfy wire-free bra styles to choose from, including bralettes, crop top bras, padded wireless bras
and seamless wireless bras

Do non-wired bras make your breasts sag?

A commonly asked question about wire-free bras is whether they contribute to sagging breasts. The theory is that
because they provide less support than underwire bras, people worry that this will lead to their breasts sagging over time. In reality, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of proper evidence to back this up. From a medical standpoint, it isn’t believed to have any real effect. In fact, not wearing a bra doesn’t seem to be linked to sagging breasts – so you should be absolutely fine
to go wireless.

Our favourite underwire bras available at Bendon

Bendon Chloe Contour Bra

The Chloe Contour Bra features the best-selling Bendon Body Cup. The lightweight foam and contoured fit provide shape and
support, while a side cup lace adds bonus support and forward projection. It also has a smooth seam-free neckline that hides underneath clothing, whether
it’s a tee shirt, tank top, or dress. Adjustable, multiway straps let you get your perfect fit.

Fayreform Daring Underwire Bra

Daring Underwire Bra in Black is an Opulent option for your lingerie drawer. The contemporary design combined with Fayreform's trusted fit will have you wearing this bra everyday Fayreform Daring Underwire Bra. For larger
cup sizes, wider hooks and straps enhance the support and comfort levels. 

Our favourite wire-free bras available at Bendon

Fayreform Ultimate Comfort Front Closure Soft Cup Bra

Fayreform’s Ultimate Comfort
Front Closure Soft Cup Bra
was designed to be the most comfortable yet supportive bra ever. You’ll love its soft cotton-lined three-piece cups that
give you shape, comfort and support without any underwire. Wide straps never dig or slip off your shoulders. An elasticated back section moves with you,
while front hook-and-eye closures make taking your bra off at the end of the
day a breeze.

★★★★★ Comfort bra

“I highly recommend this bra, it’s so
comfortable I forget I’m wearing one.”

Lynette S. (NZ)

Lovable Seamless Soft Cup Bra

You won’t miss the underwire wearing the Lovable Seamless
Soft Cup Bra
. This wireless bra has smooth foam-lined cups that are seamless underneath clothing and comfortable for all-day wear. The underband features an enclosed elastic that balances support with comfort. Meanwhile, the plunging neckline lets you wear this moulded bra underneath low-cut tops and

Comfit Collection Soft Cup Plunge Bra

COMfit collection Soft Cup Plunge Bra uses innovative technology for the most comfortable wirefree fit with a deep plunge look. Double layered moulded fabric cups for a comfortable flexible fit. Fabric is made with recycled nylon yarns. Wirefree support created with innovative bonding technology at the underbust and side bust creating a supportive fit

Should you buy an underwire bra or a wire-free bra?

Are you still trying to figure out what bra will work best for you? We can help! If you’d like some assistance determining which bra is best for you, our fit experts at Bendon are always happy to help. Not only will they help you find
the right style, but they’ll help get you the perfect size so you can feel your best every day of the week. Pop into your local Bendon store for a complimentary bra fitting.

Ready to shop underwire and wire-free bras at Bendon?

As you can see, both underwire and wireless bras hold a place in your lingerie drawer. Whether you prefer the lift and support of an underwire, like to go
wireless for comfort’s sake or love to mix and match between the two, you can’t go wrong with either of these classic styles. At Bendon, we offer a massive
range of underwire and wire-free bras for women. There’s something here for everyone. Shop our selection of high-quality bras to find your perfect fit.

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