There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly yank up your strapless bra all day and night. Feeling your bra slide down your body and needing to make adjustments every two minutes is precisely why so many women stay away from strapless bras, even though they’re one of the most useful bra styles you can have in your collection. 

If you’ve ever wondered why your strapless bra keeps falling, it comes down to a few key reasons (which we’ll dive into below). In this guide, you’ll find all our helpful tips and tricks for ensuring your strapless bra stays put, so you never have to experience strapless bra woes again.

We’re covering: 

Why you should wear a strapless bra 

Reasons why your strapless bra is falling down 

How to stop your strapless bra from falling down 

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Why you should wear a strapless bra

A strapless bra is a must in every woman’s wardrobe! This subtle lingerie solution can be worn with strapless dresses and tops to keep the girls well-supported without detracting from your outfit (no visible straps, please!). They can also be a comfortable choice on the regular, as strapless bras won’t put any additional strain on your shoulders or bust. Without tight, pesky shoulder straps that can dig uncomfortably into your skin, you may find strapless bras comfier than other bra styles.

Reasons why your strapless bra is falling down

Let’s set the record straight: A good, well-fitting strapless bra shouldn’t be falling. If you notice your bra is often sliding down, the following reasons could be to blame.

Your strapless bra band is too narrow

A broader bra brand offers extra support, so make sure the band on your strapless bra isn’t too narrow. This is crucial for women with large busts who need all the support they can get. Without shoulder straps, this additional support is essential to keeping the bra in place and supporting the weight of your breasts.

Your strapless bra is too loose

As always, fit should be your number one priority! When choosing a size for your strapless bra, you may need to opt for one size smaller to ensure it won’t slip down.

Your strapless bra is worn out

If you’ve had your strapless bra for a long time, it may have begun to stretch and wear. As you can imagine, a stretched strapless bra will no longer fit how it did initially and may start to slide down over time. Frequent wear and washing can also affect the grip of the rubber lining, leading to slippages.

Your clothes are too loose

Sometimes, the bra isn’t to blame. If an outfit is too loose, it won’t do you any favours, making it far more likely for your strapless bra to slip down. On the flip side, if your dress or top puts too much weight on your chest, it will probably pull your bra down, too. In essence, make sure your outfit is well-fitted throughout the body and doesn’t put too much weight on your bra.

Your strapless bra doesn’t have a rubber lining

Next time you’re looking for a new strapless bra, make sure it has a rubber or silicone lining on the band. This non-slip grip keeps the bra in place by helping it to stick to your skin. If the rubber lining on your bra is no longer sticky, it may be a culprit for bra slippage.

You’ve just applied moisturiser to your body

We’re all about having moisturised, healthy skin – just try not to moisturise immediately before putting your strapless bra on! The added slip from your body lotion or oil can interfere with the bra’s hold since a strapless bra sticks and adheres best against dry skin. For best results, moisturise a few hours in advance or skip the moisturising routine altogether.