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When it comes to bra types, unlined bras tend to get looked over in place of other go-to styles like push-ups or t-shirt bras. Not anymore! We think it’s time unlined bras get the recognition they deserve and finally find a spot in your top drawer. There are endless reasons to wear an unlined bra (and we’ll get to that shortly), but ultimately, unlined bras are all about offering light, natural support and a whole lot of comfort. What’s not to love?

What is an unlined bra?

First things first, what is an unlined bra? Unlined bras typically have one layer of fabric across the cups without any added padding. This creates a bra that is lightweight, comfortable, and flattering to your natural curves.

Unlined bras are more lightweight and flexible, compared to lined bras. The thickness of the fabric layer can vary depending on the style, so you can be sure to find one that works for you. At Bendon, we have a wide range of unlined bras to choose from, with styles that suit all women.

How do you style an unlined bra?

The beauty of an unlined bra is that it can work with a variety of different outfits, from a loose-fitting blouse to a more snug-fitting dress. 

Since there is only one layer of fabric across the cups, there is a possibility that your nipples might peek through your clothing. If this is something you are a little uncomfy with, try wearing your unlined bra with clothing made from thicker fabrics, such as your favourite knit sweater or opt for an unlined bra made of thick, opaque material. You could also try experimenting with nipple covers as a way of preventing any nipple peek-a-boo. 

Some unlined bras are so pretty you actually want to show them off with your clothing choices. A little hint of lace showing through is a popular styling choice for some women. But ultimately, how you style your unlined bra will largely depend on your personal preference and style.

5 reasons you’ll love an unlined bra

1. They are super lightweight

Due to having less fabric and zero padding, unlined bras are quite a bit lighter than other bra styles. This lightweight design makes them extremely comfortable to wear—you might even forget you’re wearing any bra at all. The feather-light fabrics also make unlined bras breathable, so they’re ideal for wearing on hot summer days where the thought of wearing a thick, padded bra sounds uncomfortable.

2. They are supportive

At first glance, you might expect unlined bras to offer meagre support. But this isn’t the case in the slightest! In reality, it isn’t the padding that provides breast support but rather the band at the bottom. While there are many styles of unlined bras – some with more support than others – finding one that has an underwire or some type of supportive band is a good indication that it can supply you with the support you need.

Additionally, if you like the idea of going braless but are worried about support, then an unlined bra could be the perfect solution. It’s thin and natural enough to emphasise your natural shape while still providing comfort and support.

3. They celebrate your natural curves

If you’re not a fan of the rounded shape padded bras give, unlined bras might be your new favourite thing. Rather than hiding your natural breast shape, an unlined bra helps you to show it off—talk about empowering! Wearing an unlined bra can help you develop self-acceptance for your natural body and become more confident in everyday life.

4. Unlined bras are very comfy

If comfort is a priority for you, an unlined bra is the way to go. With no padding and an ultra-breathable thin layer of fabric, it is designed for ultimate comfiness. They’re the ideal bra for wearing on lazy days at home when comfort is your only focus. But they’re also practical enough to wear as an everyday bra, so you can stay comfy from morning to evening. 

In saying that, comfort always begins by ensuring you wear your correct size. If you need a helping hand, come in-store for a bra fitting with our Bendon Fit Experts. If you’re too busy to come in for a fitting (we totally get it), use our sizing chart and a trusty tape measure to determine the best size for you

5. Unlined bras are delicate, sexy AND pretty

A cute bra can help you feel extra confident—even if you’re the only one that sees it. Because unlined bras don’t contain any lining or padding, all the emphasis is on fabric, style, and your bust’s natural shape. 

The variety of unlined bras makes it easy to find a feel-good style, whether that be lacey, sheer, or strappy. With less fabric, you are sure to feel a lot more delicate wearing an unlined bra than a bulkier padded bra. In addition to coming in different fabrics, unlined bras also come in a range of styles, from underwire bras to full coverage bras to sexy balconette bras.

Unlined bras available at Bendon

Me. By Bendon Morning Lola Underwire Bra

For ladies who want their unlined bra to be sexy and feminine, you can’t go wrong with the Morning Lola Underwire Bra. It features a modern striped lace design complemented by a delicate picot trim.

The sexiness continues with its plunge-cut neckline that wears perfectly underneath low-cut tops or dresses. It supports and helps shape the bust with an underwire and double dart. Wear the Morning Lola on days you want to feel comfortable yet sexy. Available up to 14DD.

Why you’ll love the Morning Lola: 

★★★★★ Favourite!

“Absolutely love this. Great support, great material.”

 Ella B. (NZ)

★★★★★ Feels fabulous

“Perfect pretty bra for under sweats and shirts lounging at home. Great fit, soft feel and comfortable support. Love it!”

Anita W. (NZ) 

★★★★★ Perfect combo

“Love this bra – surprisingly comfy and just the right combo of everyday wearable and sexy!”

Rowena P. (AU

Me. By Bendon Sofia Underwire Bra

The Sofia Underwire Bra is a beautiful, intricate unlined bra crafted from a breathable, rigid lace. It features a five-piece cup to provide a natural shape, while an underwire offers incredible support. Adjustable straps and a three-row hook-and-eye closure lets you achieve your perfect fit. Available up to a G cup.

Fayreform Coral Underwire Bra

This unlined bra is a best-seller for a reason. The Coral Underwire Bra offers amazing shape and comfort with a three-piece cup and stretch fabric back strap, while an underwire and adjustable knit straps provide extra support. A sheer mesh and floral embroidery embellishment add a sexy touch. Ideal for larger cup sizes – available up to a G cup.

Fayreform Charlotte Underwire Bra

Who says bustier women can’t wear unlined bras? Meet the Charlotte Underwire Bra. This full-coverage unlined bra offers phenomenal shape and comfort with its three-piece cup, thick padded straps, and flexible underwire. A floral textured lace design, shiny fabric, and satin bows add a touch of femininity to this best-selling style. Tailor your fit with the bra’s adjustable straps and three-row hook-and-eye closure. Available up to a 24G cup.

How to find the best unlined bra for you

As women, we all come in different (but equally beautiful) shapes and sizes. Whether you have a full bust or a small bust, unlined bras are a suitable option for all breast shapes and sizes as they offer both support and comfort and can be found in a range of styles and fabrics. However, if you don’t want to emphasise your breast’s natural shape, you might want to look for a lined bra instead. 

The key to finding the right unlined bra is all about finding the best fit and style for you—and it’s a process that will vary from person to person. If you need a helping hand, come in-store for a bra fitting with our Bendon Fit Experts. You can also use our sizing chart and a handy tape measure to help you figure out your best size if coming in-store isn’t an option. 

Find the perfect unlined bra at Bendon

Unlined bras are a must-have in your lingerie collection. Whether you want a comfortable bra for at-home lounging or an everyday bra that complements your breast’s natural shape, an unlined bra will be there to offer that breathable, lightweight support and comfortability. Shop our collection of non-padded and unlined bras at Bendon, and finally, check *find the perfect unlined bra* off your to-do list.



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Charlotte Underwire Bra



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Coral Underwire Bra



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