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A question as old as time: Briefs or boxers? And the consensus is—either, depending on your body shape and the fit. As we’ll cover, some guys are much more comfortable and confident in boxers, whereas others prefer the freedom and feel of briefs. 

Curious to know which style is more up your alley? Read on to uncover the best underwear styles for men and (hopefully) settle the boxers vs briefs debate for yourself.


Kicking it off with the basics—what exactly are briefs? Briefs (sometimes called a Y-front) generally offer very little coverage but a lot of support in the front. You may have mocked this underwear style as a kid, calling them “tighty-whities,” but the grown-up versions are modern, sleek, and sexy. When wearing briefs, you have the ability to move your legs freely without any feeling of restriction – which is a big bonus for many guys.


Most men are familiar with boxer shorts. Traditional boxers can be characterized by their loose fit and casual style. Because they are so open, boxers offer very little support but maximum breathability. This combination of comfort and ventilation makes them a brilliant choice for bed when you want that comfy, breezy fit. However, their lack of support might be a drawback to this style.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are exactly what the name suggests—they’re a hybrid of the boxer and brief styles. They have the snug and supportive fit of briefs but with the extra coverage that boxers provide. This makes it a popular choice amongst many men, that want the best of both worlds.


Trunks are a relatively new underwear style for men. This style hasn’t yet gained the same popularity that boxers or briefs have. People tend to ask, “what is the difference between trunks and boxer briefs?” Which is a valid question! Trunks share a lot of similarities with boxer briefs, offering a comparable snug, supportive fit. However, the key difference is the length of the leg. Trunks are generally shorter than boxer briefs and longer than briefs, sitting on the mid to upper thigh

How to find the best underwear styles for men?

At Bendon, we believe there is no one best underwear style. Instead, the best men’s underwear style depends mainly on the man himself – makes sense, right? So how do you find your ideal fit? Well, a few factors will largely impact which underwear style is most suitable for you.

How to find the best underwear styles for men?

If you are on the shorter side and have large thighs

If you are on the shorter side and have large thighs

If you have a large frame, are very tall and have a round shape

You may prefer a pair of boxers. Boxers offer the most coverage for this body type, with a thick waistband designed to not dig into your waist. However, beware of choosing this style if you have larger thighs, as they might chafe.

If you are pear-shaped

If this sounds like you, boxer briefs might be the best option. Boxer briefs are pretty versatile and should suit the average man. Are you not super muscular but not super skinny? Are you not short but not tall? Boxer briefs might be for you.

If you are quite slim with skinnier legs

Trunks were made for you. In terms of appearance, a pair of trunks may help you appear a little wider and will fit your thighs nicely.

Think about appearance

Another key factor to consider is what your underwear will look like underneath your clothes. Thought that it didn’t matter? It actually does. While you may not have detected it, the wrong underwear choice is definitely noticeable underneath your clothing, and you don’t want visible lines or bunching messing up your outfit.

If you wear a lot of suits, you want to avoid wearing a bulkier style like boxers since they can bunch up throughout the day and show through your pants. Rather, opt for slimmer options like briefs, trunks, or boxer briefs.

Some men may be concerned about what they look like in their underwear and want something flattering. For instance, if you are on the shorter side, you might wish to go with trunks to give the illusion of longer legs. Boxers, on the other hand, are flattering for large-framed men who don’t want to exaggerate their stomachs since they won’t create an unflattering squished-in shape underneath clothing.

Consider comfort

You know what they say: comfort is key! In fact, it’s arguably the biggest factor to consider when shopping for underwear—no one wants to spend all day in tight, ill-fitting undergarments. 

A large part of comfort is getting the size right, so be sure to get this correct off the bat. Consult our size guide to take the guesswork out of sizing. You’ll also have to be aware of certain styles like boxer briefs or trunks riding up on some body types, which makes it even more important to get the right fit.

Breathability is also a biggie, especially if you do a lot of physical activity. This can be largely impacted by fabric choice as well as style. Generally, boxers offer the most breathability (but the least support), whilst other styles are all on par with one another.

The best men’s underwear styles available at Bendon

Bendon Man High Tech Cotton Men’s Trunk

You can’t go wrong with the Bendon Man High Tech Cotton Trunk. Made with Supima stretch cotton (also referred to as the ‘world’s best cotton’), you get a comfortable, soft, breathable, and supportive style ideal for daily wear. Supima cotton offers a longer lifespan than other materials, so it will last a while in your wardrobe. There’s also added support from the seamed-designed and enclosed elastic waistband that offers a secure fit all day long.

Bendon Man Everyday Essential Men’s Trunk

Designed for everyday wear, the New Everyday Essential Trunk features a sleek, low-profile shape that wears well under most clothing. It’s the contemporary version of the classic trunk shape you know and love, made with an ultra-comfy cotton fabric that is smooth and breathable on the skin. A modern Bendon Man logo waistband ensures your trunks stay put.

Bendon Man High Tech Cotton Men’s Brief

The brief version of our High Tech Cotton Trunk is ideal for guys that prefer a minimal, supportive brief style. The High Tech Cotton Men’s Brief is all about comfort and longevity. It’s made with the world’s best cotton to offer improved durability and enhanced softness compared to other cotton blends, so it will be a longtime staple in your wardrobe. It also boasts a seamless design and soft cotton waistband for additional coziness.

Bendon Man Rugby Stripe Men’s Brief

Whether you’re sporty or not, you’ll love the Bendon Man Rugby Stripe Men’s Brief. Its classic shape and elasticated waistband offer a supportive, comfortable structure to keep you securely in place no matter what your day has in store. The rugby-inspired stripe design gives this Y-front a sporty edge.

What makes the Bendon Man Rugby Stripe Men’s Brief so great?

★★★★★ Unbeatable undies

“I recently got another order of men’s rugby stripe briefs. I was so pleased to find they are still available as I have been wearing them for years, they are so comfortable, last for so long and are supremely comfortable. Thanks, Bendon.” 

Roy F. (NZ)

★★★★★ Pure Comfort 

“Most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. Perfect fit.” 

Nathan W. (NZ)

★★★★★ Rugby Stripe Men’s Brief

“Extremely happy with my recent re-purchase of "Rugby Stripe Men’s Brief". Have been using them for the past 7 years. They are comfortable and the quality is of a very high standard.”

Shant S. (AU)

Ready to shop for men’s boxers or briefs?

The boxers vs briefs debate may not be as intense as it seems—as long as you like and feel comfortable in an underwear style, then it’s a winner in our books! Whether you side with the loose-fitting boxers, love the support of a brief, or prefer something in between, you can find all of these styles at Bendon. 

Shop our entire collection of men’s underwear or our Bendon Man range today and find the best style for you!



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