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Over the years, thongs have gotten a bad reputation for being uncomfortable. While many women swear by this classic panty style, others cringe at the thought of wearing a thong and being uncomfortable all day long. But the truth is that, just like a good-fitting bra, a good-fitting thong will be so comfortable you won’t even know it’s there. Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know on how to comfortably wear a thong and the most comfortable styles to try.

But first, why wear a thong?

Thongs have been a lingerie staple for many years—and there’s a reason why they’re the go-to panty choice for countless women. Their minimal, barely-there design makes a thong a great style if you’re wearing slim-fitted clothing and are trying to avoid a noticeable panty line. Thongs are also amazing to wear when you want to get dressed up in a sexy lingerie set and feel like you’re most confident self. But one other great thing about thongs is that once you find a style, you’ll feel comfortable in, you’ll have no problem wearing them under jeans, breezy dresses, tailored suits, or any other clothing items.  

The bottom line is that whether you’re dressing to impress, are looking for a minimal underwear style that works under all your clothes, or simply boost your confidence; a thong is a wonderful lingerie piece to have in your wardrobe.

Who should wear a thong?

Thongs aren’t an exclusive piece of lingerie. Every woman should have a thong in her top drawer to pull out whenever she wants to avoid VPL or feel like her more confident self. This panty style can and should be worn by anyone who feels comfortable wearing it. At Bendon, we have an unbeatable range of thongs, so you’re guaranteed to find a style that works for you.  

Shop our collection of thongs and g-strings.

Are thongs comfortable?

The truth is that thongs are more comfortable than they appear. Thongs are usually 

made with soft, stretchy fabrics that fit perfectly on the skin because they stretch to your body. Thongs also come in seamless styles, which are great for everyday wear because they’re designed with comfort and breathability in mind. Plus, because thongs have less fabric than other underwear styles, there’s less chance your underwear will bunch or sag.

At Bendon, we believe if you find the right thong, it can be a very comfortable underwear option. Once you’ve got your perfect fit, you’ll quickly see how thongs are a practical, comfortable, and sexy panty style.

Are thongs bad for you?

Another common misconception about thongs is that they’re bad for your vaginal health, which couldn’t be further from the truth. According to research, string underwear had no effect on the area’s pH, microclimate, or microflora, meaning it’s not the underwear itself that can cause issues.  

If you’re concerned about the hygiene of wearing a thong, consider changing your underwear once or twice a day. Experts also advise choosing soft, natural fibres like cotton that are breathable and absorbent; this will help prevent chafing or irritations in the delicate area. 

Additionally, you can consider switching to different types of underwear for different occasions or based on how you’re feeling. Thongs might not be the best underwear choice for wearing on your period or when you’re heading to the gym, but they are ideal for those days when you want to avoid panty lines or feel extra confident.

How you can ensure wearing a thong is comfortable

Okay, so you’re ready to see what all the hype is about—now what? When shopping for thongs, there are a few ways to ensure the one you buy is comfortable. Remember, comfort is key when it comes to lingerie, so be sure you feel good in what you’re wearing.

Step 1: Focus on the fit

The first step in finding a comfortable thong is to focus on the fit. If your thong is too tight, it will surely be uncomfortable. On the flip side, if the fit is too loose, you won’t feel secure. The best thing is to ensure you buy a thong that is your perfect size. It’s important to note that size can vary based on the style and brand, so always consult a brand’s size guide when available. If you need more guidance on finding your perfect fit, consult our size guide to find your Bendon size. 

Once you’ve chosen a size, the next step is to make sure the thong sits comfortably on your skin and doesn’t dig in anywhere it shouldn’t. A proper fitting thong will not be tight, restrictive, or uncomfortable. Ask yourself if you like the rise of the thong and the thickness of the string. You may also want to pay attention to the fabric. Cotton fabrics and seamless styles are great options for everyday wear. While lace, silk, and satin fabrics can be better choices for those times when you want to look and feel your sexiest.

Step 2: Take time to get used to the feeling

It’s important to remember that it takes time to get used to the feeling of wearing a thong. If you’re new to this style, it might feel strange at first but don’t give up on it. It might take more than one day to get used to the fit, so be open when trying this style out. Once you get accustomed to the fit and are happy with the size and material, it will soon feel like any other style of panty. In fact, many women have come to prefer the feeling of thongs to other bulkier styles because of the minimal fabric and fit.

Thongs available at Bendon

Lovable Sundown Thong Brief

The Sundown Thong combines style and comfort with its super soft stretch lace and soft mesh that are breathable and cool enough for all-day wear. The wide banded waist elastic sits comfortably on the hips without falling or digging into the skin.

Wear it with:

Pair the Sundown Thong with the matching Sundown Underwire Bra or Sundown Soft Cup Bra for a lovely lace look.

Shop the Lovable Sundown Thong Brief

Pleasure State My Fit Lace Thong Brief

If you’re looking for a beautiful, sexy pair of neutral thong underwear that can be worn for any occasion, look no further. The My Fit Lace Thong is a form-fitting thong brief or tanga thong style that adds a bit more coverage to the bum while still preventing visible panty lines. It features a stretch lace fabric to provide a snug, sexy, yet comfortable fit, while scalloped edges help reduce the appearance of panty lines under clothing.

Wear it with: 

Find the rest of your perfect fit by pairing it with the My Fit Lace Plunge Bra.

Shop the Pleasure State My Fit Lace Thong Brief

me. By Bendon Morning Lola Thong Brief

The Morning Lola Thong Brief is sure to become your new everyday panty style with its design that’s both comfortable and chic. A picot edging adds a touch of daintiness and helps reduce the appearance of panty lines. The striped lace and front chevrons accentuate your natural curves, while the thong brief adds more coverage than other thong styles.

Wear it with: 

Pair the Morning Lola Thong Brief with the Morning Lola Underwire Bra for a stylish, feminine look that is comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Shop the me. By Bendon Morning Lola Thong Brief

me. By Bendon Naturally Me Thong Brief

The Naturally Me Thong is an effortlessly chic low-rise panty that provides comfort and modesty with a full lace front. Its slim sides help create the illusion of long, lean legs, while a diamond gusset embellishment adds a touch of elegance. The minimal thong back is seamless under clothing, so you don’t have to worry about VPLs. 

Wear it with:

Complete the look by pairing it with the Naturally Me Contour Bra or the Naturally Me Underwire Bra for a timeless lingerie set you’ll always reach for.

Shop the me. By Bendon Naturally Me Thong Brief

Ready to shop thongs?

So, now you know you can be comfortable while wearing a thong - are you ready to try it for yourself? The key is to choose thongs that fit your body so perfectly that you won’t even notice it’s there. You might also find certain fabrics or styles of thongs to be more comfortable than others, so go with what feels best for you. At Bendon, we have a wide range of thongs to suit every woman’s preference; whether you like g-strings or tangas, lace or cotton, you’re bound to find something for you. 

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