5 Things You Didn’t Know About Push Up Bras



We’ve all heard of the push up bra – which has been a staple in many women’s top drawers for decades. The powerful push up bra is a handy addition to any woman’s wardrobe, helping to accentuate breasts of all sizes and create a flattering and lifted shape. Whether you reach for a push up bra to add a bit of va-voom to certain outfits or choose to wear one every day, we believe the push up bra will always have a place in the lingerie world.

However, push up bras haven’t always had it easy. With lots of myths and confusion surrounding the push up, we want to set a few things straight. Keep reading to learn the truth about push up bras. We’re covering everything from styles and benefits as well as who and when they should be worn.

1. Push up bras have been around for a loooong time

Push up bras have been around for longer than you might have thought. The idea of wanting to accentuate breasts began with the introduction of the corset between 1490–1510, though the push up bra revolution came a lot later. 

While the padded bra was first invented in 1947 by Frederick Mellinger, it was Canadian designer Louise Poirer who created the Wonderbra in the 1960s, making massive waves in the fashion industry. The Wonderbra helped spark a feeling of sexiness and confidence in women and soon became extremely popular. However, it truly took off in the 1990s, with push up bras becoming the go-to style for a generation of women. 

Nowadays, push up bras are still a common option amongst women, but there are other styles on the market equally as popular. In today’s world, bra types are chosen based on personal preferences and breast shapes, rather than trends.

2. Push up bras can be worn every day

There are a lot of myths circulating around push up bras. Some fear that daily wear will cause breast sagging and ligament damage over time. However, this is simply not the case! You can absolutely wear a well-fitting push up bra daily without any issues. 

In fact, it’s actually a pretty comfortable choice, thanks to the extra padding. With different push up bras providing different levels of lift, some are more subtle than others, making them a great go-to option for many women. But at the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference and what you are most comfortable wearing. No matter what bra style you choose, nailing the fit is most important for all-day comfort and supportive benefits. Finding your push up bra to be uncomfortable as the day wears on? Chances are the fit isn’t right. Life is far too short for bad-fitting bras, call in to your nearest bendon store to get fitted correctly.

3. There are several benefits to wearing a push up bra

Push up bras have numerous benefits and are worn for a variety of different reasons—which is partly what makes them such a versatile wardrobe staple. 

Regardless of breast size, a lot of women will opt for push up bras to feel sexier and enhance their femininity. This bra looks equally as amazing on smaller busts as on larger busts, though it offers different benefits depending on your bust size. 

We are all about enhancing your natural shape. However, it’s not uncommon to feel insecure about having a small bust. For women with smaller breasts, push up bras can be the perfect tool for creating perky, lifted breasts and cleavage. Feeling good in your skin is a massive confidence booster; for some, a well-fitting push up bra can be a big help. Breasts that have lost volume after weight loss or nursing can benefit from the extra boost that push up bras offer. 

Other women may choose to wear push up bras purely for comfort. Because Push up bras have extra padding to create (or enhance) the appearance of cleavage, they are incredibly comfy and great for daily wear. They also provide strong support for larger busts and can help ease back pain associated with large breast size, which is a huge bonus in terms of comfort value. The padded cups also provide a smoothing effect which is favoured by many. 

Another benefit to wearing a push up bra? They help create a flattering silhouette perfect for certain outfits, such as a bodycon dress or low-cut top where you want to show off your curves or create natural-looking cleavage. This bra style can also be worn with t-shirts to give your bust a lift and accentuate your figure in a super seamless, flattering way. 

4. There is more than one style of push up bra

There is actually a wide variety of different push up bra styles. Which is amazing because each style brings something unique to the table.

We understand that every body is different, which is why no one push up bra style ranks better than others. It truly comes down to your breast shape and personal preference. 

Ready to explore some of the most common push up bra styles?

Push up Plunge Bras

The push up plunge bra is ideal for low-cut tops and dresses, staying perfectly hidden whilst providing a good amount of cleavage. The ‘plunge’ comes from angled cups designed to bring the breasts together in the centre, while the push up comes from the padding. This super sexy style is amazing for girl’s nights out or romantic date nights, helping you feel confident all night long.

Pleasure State Nikita Push Up Plunge Bra

Pleasure State Aluna Push Up Plunge Bra

Bendon Body Basics Push Up Plunge Bra

Pleasure State My Fit Laser Scallop Lace Graduated Push Up Plunge Bra

200% Boost Push Up Bras

The 200% boost is for those who want maximum lift! As the name suggests, 200% boost bras give the illusion of a cup size that is 2x larger than what you actually have. The padding and support on this style are next-level incredible, adding a healthy dose of sexiness to any outfit. 

Pleasure State My Fit Lace 200% Boost Push Up Bra

Pleasure State My Fit Jacquard 200% Boost Push Up Plunge Bra

Pleasure State My Fit Lace 200% Boost Push Up Plunge Bra

Pleasure State My Fit Smooth 200% Boost Push Up Plunge Bra

Customised Boost Push Up Bras

At Bendon, we understand that smaller cup sizes might want a bit more padding in their push up bras, while larger cup sizes might want a little less. Thanks to our My Fit ranges, finding a larger cup size with less padding or a smaller cup size with more padding is super easy to navigate. 

Look out for bras on our website with FMO in the title or product description, and you’ll get padding customised to suit your cup size.

Pleasure State Push Up Plunge Bra with Customised Boost

Pleasure State My Fit Graduated Push Up Plunge Bra

Pleasure State Una Push Up Plunge Bra

Pleasure State FMO Smooth Plunge Bra

5. Push up bras are just for small-busted women

Short answer: No! Push up bras work for all women, as there are push up styles that suit both smaller and larger busted women.

If you’re a member of the ‘itty bitty titty committee’ and want the appearance of larger breasts, then the 200% boost has got you covered. 

Women with larger busts can also benefit from push up bras, as it provides lift and a flattering shape. Since push up bras have varying levels of lift, someone with a larger bust might prefer a style with less padding. With our My Fit ranges, the padding level decreases as the cup size increases, so you get a more subtle lift.

Regardless of your breast shape, at Bendon, you’re bound to find a push up bra that suits you. If you aren’t sure what push up bra is right for you, head in-store to get a bra fitting and chat with our Fit Experts about the fit and style you’re after.

How to find the best push up bra for you

As women, we all come in different, beautiful shapes and sizes. Because of this, finding the right push up bra is a process that varies from person to person. Finding the best bra for your breast shape is super important, as different bra styles help accentuate your shape better than others.

If you need a helping hand, come in store for a personalised bra fitting with our Bendon Fit Experts. If you are too busy to come in for a fitting (we totally get it), use our sizing chart and a trusty tape measure to figure out the best size for you and feel confident when ordering, knowing that you’ve found a well-fitting push up bra.

Find the perfect push up at Bendon

There’s more to push up bras than meets the eye! We hope you learned a lot about this famous bra style and why it’s such a great option for all women—regardless of breast shape and size.

Remember, the best push up bra for you will cater to your preferences. So whether you have small breasts and are looking for a boost or want to accentuate your curves, the right push up bra will do it all (and more).

If you’re ready to discover your perfect push up, we’re here to help. Visit one of our stores or check out our size guide and get ready to find your next go-to push up bra at Bendon. Shop our range of push up bras

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My Fit Lace Graduated Push up Plunge Bra



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My Fit Lace Graduated Push up Plunge Bra



My Fit Lace Graduated Push up Plunge Bra



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