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Contour Bras Explained

If you’re looking for the ultimate bra for everyday wear, look no further than the contour bra.This easy to wear style is great for a natural look, and it’s also super comfortable. But, it’s a bra style that often gets confused with its sister styles, so we’re here to tell you everything you need to know because we think there should be space in every woman's top drawer for a contour bra. 

What is a contour bra?

Before we dive into it, let’s go back to basics. If you’re unfamiliar with the contour bra, you may have heard of a moulded cup bra, which is essentially the same thing. Contour bras almost always have underwired support, which is not necessarily the case for all moulded cup bras. It’s designed to enhance your curves by sculpting your breasts for a symmetrical, rounded shape. . A good contour bra should provide you with a natural lift, and it’s designed with a layer of padding in the cup. This makes this style perfect for everyday wear. 

Who should wear balconette bras?

What is the difference between a contour bra and a push-up bra?

You might be asking, is a push-up and a contour bra the same thing? And, you’re not alone! Essentially, a push-up bra is designed to have significant padding at the bottom of the cup; this pushes your breasts upwards and increasescup size. On the other hand, a contour bra has a light, even layer of padding that provides natural shaping, modesty, and smoothing support. Essentially, if you’re looking for security and shaping but don’t want to increase the look of your bust, the contour bra is perfect for you. But, you might want to keep the push-up bra for special occasions and opt for the trusted contour bra for daily wear. 

What is the difference between a contour bra and a t-shirt bra?

There is often confusion around the contour bra being the same thing as a t-shirt bra. While it’s not uncommon for a contour bra to also be a t-shirt bra, a t-shirt bra isn’t always a contour bra. Essentially, a contour bra is defined by its moulded cups, but they also come in many different styles to suit different breast shapes and outfit benefits, including t-shirt, balconette, plunge styles. 

Let’s set the record straight

It’s a common misconception that contour bras increase the size of your bust. It has come to our attention that many women with a larger bust have been avoiding the contour bra because of the light padding in the cups. In reality, contour bra cups provide natural shaping and structure to our breasts, making them look more symmetrical and rounded. This is actually a great style for women with larger breasts. 

Who should wear a contour bra?

The underwire support and lightweight moulded cups in a contour bra makes this style perfect for ladies with a larger bust. It offers the support you need without exagerating the appearance of the bust. So, if you’re someone who avoids the push-up bra because you don’t want your breasts to appear any bigger, the contour bra might just be the solution. 

But, this bra style isn’t just for women with bigger breasts! Women with smaller breasts and even assymetrical breasts also love this bra type because of the natural shaping and lift it provides. This is a great choice for women of all shapes and sizes, so why not give it a try? It might just become your new go-to bra style. . 

When can you wear a contour bra?

The light padding of a contour bra makes this style super comfortable, which makes this a dreamy style for everyday wear. It’s perfect for wearing under a t-shirt or sheer shirt due to the seamless moulded cups. It’s also super versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit, so this is definitely a staple style of lingerie. 

Contour bra solutions available at Bendon:

We’ve got a number of contour bra solutions available at Bendon, so to make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of our top picks:

Audacious Contour Bra in Black

If you’re looking for a minimalist contour bra for day-to-day wear, look no further than our me. by bendon Audacious Contour Bra in Black. This style provides a beautiful, natural rounded shape that you’ll love putting on in the morning. Best suited to women with small to medium-sized busts, this style is available in sizes 10A to 16E. 

Why you’ll love it: 

The cup is made from a lightweight breathable foam that has been specially designed to give you a subtle lift. The soft stretch fit works to support your breasts and give them a modest lift. You’ll look effortlessly beautiful in this natural style. 

When to wear it: 

The seamless construction means you can wear this style under pretty much anything. So, say goodbye to those pesky lines showing through your T-shirt and hello to your new favourite bra. 

Fayreform Lace Perfect Contour Bra

Are you looking for the ultimate contour bra for a larger bust? Our Fayreform Lace Perfect Contour Bra is available in sizes 12DD to 18G. It’s designed to give you all-day comfort while keeping your breasts securely in place. 

Why you’ll love it:

The elegant design means you don’t have to sacrifice style for security. It is made with you in mind. The ultralight cup provides you with great support without bulking out your breasts. The bra straps are cotton-lined, providing added comfort and minimises slipping. 

When to wear it:

This super comfortable number is perfect for every day. But in saying that, the chic design and luxurious lace might have you reaching for this bra on your next date night. This versatile style is sure to tick a lot of boxes. 


Bendon Weightless Form Contour Spacer Bra

Our Bendon Weightless Form Contour Spacer Bra is another great option. If you’re looking for simplicity, security and a natural shape, this is the bra for you. Available in sizes 10B to 14DD, this is ideal for women with small to medium-sized busts. 

Why you’ll love it:

You’ll be amazed at the weightlessness of this bra. Moulding to your natural shape, it works to enhance your breasts. The full-coverage cups and seamless fabric give the ultimate smooth finish. 

When to wear it:

This is the perfect bra to wear under slim-fitting garments. You’ll be reaching for this style every other day! The interlock spacer fabric wings mould to your body perfectly, giving you the cleanest of finishes.

Shop Countour Bras at Bendon

Our helpful fit experts will pair you with the right contour bra so you can feel confident and cute. 

How to ensure your contour bra fits correctly

Found the perfect contour bra for you, but wondering how it’s supposed to fit? The key to getting a contour bra to fit property is to ensure the padding doesn’t put pressure on your breasts. You should feel comfortable, and the material should be flat against your bust. And, remember that the centre gore should be flat at the centre of your ribcage. If you’re still unsure about sizing, pop into your local Bendon store for a complimentary bra fitting. Alternatively, check out our online size guide. 

Shop contour bra solutions Bendon

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about contour bras. If you’re raring to go, shop contour bras available at Bendon. If you are still unsure about what one you should choose, reach out to our team on live chat. We love helping our lovely customers find the perfect match. 

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