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Everything You need To Know About Push-up Bras

We like to think of push-up bras as one of the founding fathers of lingerie – a legendary legacy among lingerie collections. It’s one of the greats, and arguably one of the most well-known and popular bra styles. However, with fame often comes common misconceptions. So we’re here to combat some urban myths about push up bras. Here’s everything you could possibly need to know about push-up bras.

What is a push-up bra?

Did you know the padded bra was first invented in 1947 by Frederick Mellinger? This was a life changing design that gave women the ability to add more volume and shaping to their bust lines, and the first step towards what we know today as the push-up bra .

But, it wasn’t until 1964 that the real breakthrough happened. The Wonderbra, designed by Louise Poirier for Canadian company Canadelle that swept the world by storm and introduced a new BFF to women ever since.

So, what does a push-up bra do? A push-up bra is padded with discrete cushioning to lift your breasts to create the desired cleavage. They help to make your breasts look fuller and leave you feeling fabulous. This lift can be as natural or as exaggerated as you want it to be, based on the push-up style that you choose.  

There are many reasons women choose push-up bras.

Support and comfort

Our push-up bras are designed with super soft cup liners that minimises breast movement and reduces friction. Plus, they feel great against your skin. You'll be kept in place securely all day long and very well supported.  

The padded inserts of the bra follow the natural shape of your breasts, so you'll be very comfortable without any dig-in to your breast tissue or chest bone. 

Confidence boost

If you're looking to flaunt and exaggerate your breasts, the push-up bra is your best friend. It's definitely one of those self-love moments, like a good mani, pedi and fake tan, where a simple solution amplifies your assets and makes you feel instantly sexier. 

Outfit choice

You definitely do not need an excuse to wear a push-up bra, but sometimes this style compliments your outfit and/or occasion perfectly.  

Whether it's a low-cut top, a tight dress, or just an outfit that will hang better from the shoulders with perkier breasts; push-up bras will be your go-to bra choice. 

There's no rule book on occasions to wear a push-up bra. Examples include an anniversary, girls' night out, date night, or just for an everyday confidence boost.  

Who should wear a push-up bra?

Anyone and everyone can wear a push-up bra. They are designed to shape and lift all breast shapes. This is a flattering style for all body types, and a good push-up bra will enhance your natural shape

Smaller Breasts

For the smaller chested, you can benefit from wearing a push-up bra as it will give you the look of fuller, more exaggerated breasts.

Larger breasts

Larger busted women can wear a push-up for a more natural lift, offering more support and comfort than other bra styles

Wide-set or conical breasts

Push-up bras will naturally draw your breasts together towards the centre of your chest – we like to call this the push-together, not necessarily the push-up. Unsure what shape breasts you have?

Check out our handy guide on breast shapes and how to find the right bra for your shape



My Fit Lace Graduated Push up Plunge Bra



My Fit Lace Graduated Push up Plunge Bra



My Fit Lace 200% Boost Push Up Plunge Bra



My Fit Lace Graduated Push up Plunge Bra



My Fit Lace Graduated Push up Plunge Bra



Keyhole Boost Bra

$30.00 $64.95


Keyhole Boost Bra

$30.00 $64.95



Shivani Push Up Plunge Bra


Push-up bra styles

Believe it or not, there are many varieties of push-up bras. When choosing what style is best for you, it very much depends on how you want your breasts to look or the outfit you are wanting to pair it with.

At Bendon Lingerie, the majority of our push-up bra styles are within our Pleasure State collection, however, we also have a few styles within our me. by bendon and Bendon ranges.

The Customised Boost

At Bendon Lingerie, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we launched our My Fit range, offering you a customised boost and the perfect cleavage based on your cup size. This was the first ever push-up bra that graduates in every cup size (smaller cups have more padding and boost, with less boost in the larger cups).

This boost style is called ‘For Me Only’ or FMO.

The 200% Boost

If you're looking for the WOW factor, the 200% boost adds two cup sizes instantly across every cup size. Designed with cutting edge innovative technology. This style provides a 'grab and hold’ application to maximise extreme push and impact.

Also referred to as 'Oh My Bod' or OMB, it's bound to level-up any showstopping outfit.  

The Lace Push-Up Bra

Opt for something a little more delicate and feminine and choose a lace push-up bra. Lace is an elegant and sensual addition to any lingerie drawer. Available in either customised (FMO) or 200% boost (OMB), your breasts will look even sexier enhanced in a lacey style.  

My Fit Lace Push-Up Bra available in sizes 10-14, A-D. 

The Push-Up Plunge

Designed with a deep v-neckline, the front gives an extra sexy plunging silhouette that will stay hidden under your outfit. It’s our secret weapon of choice under those low-cut dresses. 

Una Push-Up Plunge Braavailable in sizes 10-14, A-DD 

Magnolia Push-Up Plunge Bra available in sizes 10-14, A-DD  

Back To Basics

Wearing a push-up bra under a plain tee can make your breasts appear fuller. Perfect for everyday wear, your breasts can be exaggerated without distracting from your outfit.  

Bendon Body Basics Push Up available in sizes 10-16, A-D bendon Keyhole Boost Bra available in sizes 10-16, A-DD

Push-Up Bra FAQ’s Answered

Is a push-up bra good for daily use?

Yes, a well-fitting push-up bra is fine for daily wear. The padding adds an extra level of comfort and makes you feel really supported. You may love the style and how you feel or choose to mix it up with other styles (we have plenty to choose from!). 

What age should you wear a push-up bra?

There's no age when you 'should' wear a push-up bra, it's completely at your discretion to what you feel comfortable and confident in. However, a push-up bra might be a daunting step if it’s your first bra, or you may choose to never wear one and opt for a different style altogether.  

How do you know if a push-up bra fits?

A push-up bra should fit you like any lined bra would. There should be no spillage over the top of the cups, gaping in the underarms, digging in of straps or strain on the band. We recommend getting fitted by a lingerie specialist at your nearest Bendon store to ensure the perfect fit. Fittings are quick and discreet and you can get tailored advice for a comfortable fit every time. Here’s what to expect at your fitting.  

We  do not advise wearing a size too small thinking it will give you a better lift or larger cleavage.  This can cause you unnecessary pain and discomfort, and no one needs that from their bra!  

Find the best push-up bra for you at Bendon

When choosing a push-up bra style, choose the style that will make you look and feel your best. Those with larger breasts might prefer a more subtle lift, or those with smaller breasts might be seeking an exaggerated boost. There's no right or wrong, we will have the style best suited for your preference. 

Do you have more questions about push-up bras? 

Visit one of our stores to speak to our helpful team of experts.  Shop our range of push-up bras now.

Push-up bras not for you? Discover our other bra styles. 

The best lingerie is lingerie that fits. We're proud to be the lingerie home of comfort and fit, empowering women to feel confident in their bodies.

Check out our size guide to find your best fit and find your best bra at Bendon. 

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