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What is a Balconette Bra? (and why you need one)

What is the difference between a balconette bra and a regular bra?

This will depend on what you define as a regular bra, but there are some key features of balconette bras that make it easy to identify. 

Wider-set straps

Balconette bras typically have straps that are set wider apart. Straps connect from the top of the outer edge of the cup (we call this the apex) to the band at the back, so tend to sit straight up and down, as opposed to on an angle like other styles. Straps sit close to the edge of your shoulder, so don’t show when worn under wide necklines, such as square necklines and sweetheart necklines. 

Shallower cups

Balconette bras also have slightly shallower cups than a full-cup bra which tend to emphasise your natural cleavage. 

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What are balconette bras good for?

Balconette bras are good for everyday wear and should be a staple in your collection of bras.

Rachel may not have been wearing any underwear but I have money on her wearing a balconette bra under this famous dress. There is a reason that the balconette bra is so popular with our customers! It’s the perfect bra for a neckline like this and the subtle cleavage achieved is an understated sexy look.

Here are some of our signature balconette bras to get you started.

Image: Repeller, NETFLIX

Balconette Bras

Shop our new season Balconette styles, from all your favourite brands.

Who should wear balconette bras?

Balconette bras are great for many different breast shapes, particularly those with small breasts, round breasts, athletic breasts and teardrop-shaped breasts. 

Balconette bras and their sister style (the demi bra) have the advantage of creating fullness on the top of the breasts, lifting from the bottom. So are particularly great for those looking to create more fullness. 

Are balconette bras good for large breasts?

Yes! They are a great option for those with bigger breasts as well as smaller breasts as they offer great support, decent coverage and work well with most outfits. For the fuller busted woman who doesn’t want a full coverage bra, this is the cut for you. Get it sheer with an underwire for a more natural shape, or grab a padded bra to sculpt and smooth the cup. Either way, you will feel supported and sexy. 

Like any bra for larger breasts, getting the right size and fit is important. We recommend checking out these styles and getting fitted for the best results. 

How should a balconette bra fit?

As with any style of bra, it’s important for the fit to be perfect so you are comfortable and your breasts are supported and looking their best. 

Getting the fit of your balconette bra wrong can mean an uncomfortable time for you, as well as ‘spillage’ out of the top of your bra, as the cups are less full coverage than standard underwire styles. Wearing the wrong size bra when it comes to balconette bras is easy to do, but thankfully easy to fix too.   

Underwire, straps or bands should not be digging in and the under band should feel firm and supportive. If you are grabbing the wire between the breasts to try to make them feel comfortable or your shoulders feel tense make sure the straps are adjusted to the right height and make sure this is the bra size for you. 

Signs your balconette bra is fitting well

  • Underband is firm but not tight and supportive - as always, new bras should be fastened on the outer-most hook so there is space to tighten the band as the bra goes through natural wear-and-tear
  • The bra neckline edge sits flush to your bust and doesn’t cut in to create an “overhang” Straps sit comfortably on your shoulders and don’t dig-in
  • The back bra band sits horizontally levelled to the front - doesn’t ride upwards Take the guesswork out of getting a great fitting balconette bra with our handy fit finder quiz. For a fool-proof fit, it’s worth getting a professional bra fitting. Free bra fittings are offered at all Bendon stores and take only 5 minutes. Curious? Find out what happens at a bra fitting.
  • What do you wear with a balconette bra?

    Balconette Bras are great for wearing with v-neck or low-cut tops as they enhance your cleavage. 

    Wide shoulder strap placement is also good for square necklines too.  

    Wear your balconette bra with your favourite low cut t-shirt, a lovely sweetheart or square neckline dress, a sheer shirt or with nothing on over the top. It’s a gorgeous bra that will make you feel sexy and powerful. Show it off!

    Shop Balconette Bras at Bendon

    Our helpful fit experts will pair you with the right balconette bra so you can feel confident and cute. 

    Prefer to shop online?

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