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What makes D-G Cup Bras Different

D-G cup bras are constructed differently so that bigger busted women can enjoy beautiful lingerie that never falters on support; the bigger the breasts, the more support that is required.  D-G cup bras are made fit for purpose and have several features that make them more comfortable and supportive, whilst looking amazing on the body.

Bra Straps

Bra straps offer support and stability to breasts and help to keep the bra in place. Different straps will offer varying levels of support and functionality. D-G bra straps are often wide, thick, and less stretchy to provide maximum support.

Bra Back

Different fabrications and construction on the back wings of a bra are used; to provide varying functions and  support. D-G bras often use what is known as power mesh fabric on the back wing as it has a denser construction and is therefore very strong to help support the bust. The height and quantity of the hook and eye back closure of the bra changes depending on style, size, and support needed.  D-G bras often feature a higher panel and a 3+ hook and eye closure to give the bra better shape and support.

Bra centre front & apex

The centre front is often wider on a D-G cup bra to provide increased support. The cup apex is the meeting point of the bra strap and the bra cup, and where the apex sits on the body is important to the fit of the bra as the positioning of the apex will give different support. D-G bras have the apex points set higher and closer together for maximum support.

Bra Cup Lining

Fuller cup bras often include an extra side sling.  This is an angled piece of fabric attached in the cup that is designed to bring in the bust from side to centre to achieve more support and bust projection.

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