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For many women, a good sports bra is a non-negotiable part of their workout routine. It minimises breast pain associated with bounce, prevents discomfort and keeps you feeling confident. But did you know the right sports bra can also improve your breathing and unlock a more enjoyable workout experience? 

Here's why choosing a supportive sports bra goes way beyond just comfort. 

Beyond Bounce: The Science of Support

The breasts rely on Cooper’s ligaments for support. During exercise, especially high-impact activities like running, jumping, or HIIT workouts, these ligaments experience significant stress. A well-fitted sports bra minimises breast bounce and reduces the strain on Cooper's ligaments and promotes better posture. 

But the benefits extend beyond comfort. Think of a supportive sports bra as your workout BFF. It allows you to move freely and confidently, without worrying about discomfort or bounce. This translates into improved form and technique, which can ultimately lead to increased performance and a more enjoyable workout. 

The Breath of the Matter: How a Supportive Bra Enhances Your Workout

One of the most surprising benefits of a supportive sports bra is its impact on your breathing. A constricting bra can restrict your diaphragm. When compressed, your diaphragm can't contract fully, limiting your lung capacity and making it harder to breathe during exercise. 

The right sports bra provides enough support without compromising on comfort. This allows your diaphragm to move freely, enabling deeper breaths and increased oxygen intake. The result? Improved stamina, better performance, and a more enjoyable workout. 

Choosing the Right Bra for Your Impact Level

The ideal level of support in a sports bra depends on your activity level and bust size:

Low Impact Activities (Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training)

For activities with minimal bounce, choose a comfortable, low-impact bra that offers gentle support in a smooth breathable fabric.

Bendon Exhale Yoga Bra

Looking for a yoga bra that's both stylish and functional?Meet the Bendon Exhale Yoga Bra! Made from breathable, moisture-wicking modal fabric with a flattering open back, it keeps you cool and comfortable during low-impact workouts like yoga or walking.Plus, the removable soft foam cups and seamless construction offer a smooth, adaptable fit you'll love.

Available in a classic black or white and a wide range of sizes (XSML-2XLGE), this bra is sure to become your new daily favorite.

Medium Impact Activities (Hiking, Cycling, Spinning)

Opt for a medium-impact bra with more compression and coverage for activities with moderate movement.

Bendon Sports U/W Bra 

Conquer your workouts with the ultimate support of the Bendon Sports U/W Bra in White. This sports bra is engineered for powerful performance, offering maximum impact control and a feeling of strength.

Designed for cup sizes C-E and band sizes 10-20, it features comfortable, cotton-lined cups and a ventilated mesh insert at the underbust to keep you cool. The versatile convertible straps allow you to wear them straight or crossed over for customized support, while the secure hook-and-eye closure provides a perfect fit.


High Impact Activities (Running, Jumping Jacks)

High-impact activities demand maximum support. Choose a high-impact bra that minimises bounce and provides a locked-in feel.

Power High Impact Underwire Sports Bra 

Get ready to dominate your workouts with the Power High Impact Underwire Sports Bra in chic black.This bra combines the supportive, wired inner structure of the beloved Bendon Extreme Out Sports Bra with a sleek, flattering silhouette for a modern upgrade. 

Invest in Yourself: Breathe Easier, Move Freer

Finding the right sports bra is an investment in your health and fitness journey. Proper support not only enhances your comfort and breathing but can also potentially reduce your risk of injury. Remember, a good sports bra should feel like a second skin, allowing you to breathe freely, move confidently, and conquer your fitness goals.

Ready to find your perfect fit?

Find a Bendon Lingerie store and visit our fit experts who will help you find the ideal sports bra for your needs and impact level. 



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